Soloists of group “band’eros” said about what happened to their colleague

Солисты группы «Банд’Эрос» сообщили о том, что же случилось с их коллегой
Recently in the Network appeared shocking information about the death of ex-member of the popular group “band’eros” Happy Zmanovskiy.

Солисты группы «Банд’Эрос» сообщили о том, что же случилось с их коллегой

The woman decided to visit her friend who lives in the USA, but there to it it became bad. The singer suffered a brain hemorrhage.

“She was one of the founders of the group (along with our Natalia and music producer by A. Durovym.) Glad a few days stand between heaven and earth in a coma. We all kept fingers crossed for her but, unfortunately, the doctors were powerless. Rada left the band in early 2008, but we continued to maintain warm and friendly relations, she participated in the Affairs of the group.

Glad had an incredible amount of positive energy and know how in a good way to “infect” everyone around her. She was one of the most cheerful, cheerful and helpful people we knew. It all happened so unexpectedly, for us it is a terrible blow and irreplaceable loss. We still can’t believe that this has really happened,” written in memory of ex-soloist of the band.

After Rada left the band, she devoted herself in the film industry and have been able to achieve success.

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