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Erica Herceg boasted a luxurious engagement ring.

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A post shared by Erika Herceg (@erikaherceg) on Dec 31, 2017 at 12:48pm PST

Erica Herceg received a New year’s eve proposal to my heart. This assured fans the actress who noticed that the most magical night of the year, the singer met with a ring on “that finger”.

In his microblog singer of the group VIA Gra has posted a video greeting for the fans, the footage of which by chance were rewarded with a gorgeous piece of jewelry on his right hand. Erica did not disclose all the secrets, but asked for fans to love and be loved, as this, according to Herceg, the most important thing in life.

    Erika Herceg

    Photo: @erikaherceg Instagram Erica Herceg

    Curiously, the performer keeps secret details of his personal life. That Erica has a new lover became known not so long ago. In social networks we came up with a shot of Herceg gently hugs and kisses to a stranger who turned her back to the camera. In the caption to the photo she wrote: “Sometimes a simple hug can say more than is possible using words… PS Thank God for you! My love”

    Erica, incidentally, is an experienced conspirator. The name of her previous choice was also highly classified. Since 2011, Erica was Dating a businessman, but in 2013 the couple broke up. Fans then did not manage to learn the identity of her boyfriend, Budva.