Soloist of “VIA gra” made a splash shot in a bikini

Солистка «ВИА Гры» произвела фурор снимком в бикини Erika Herceg is in great shape, and combines concerts and holiday in the UAE. The same as also other participants of group “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov and Anastasia Kozhevnikova. Beauty does not cease to please fans with new images of Sunny country.

      Солистка «ВИА Гры» произвела фурор снимком в бикини

      27-year-old soloist of “VIA gra” has published photos from her holiday in Dubai. In the picture you can see an amazingly slender figure of a girl in a revealing swimsuit. The publication of Eric supplied hashtags with the name of the hotel where it is located (a five-star luxury hotel known as the hotel-sail, is considered the best in Dubai) and the musical group in which it consists.

      The fact that Herceg and her colleagues Misha Romanov and Anastasia Kozhevnikova are now in the UAE, where the group performed with a concert. “VIA Gra” has not changed me and has stepped on the stage in a seductive black dress with cutouts – the sensation of the observer was provided.

      Солистка «ВИА Гры» произвела фурор снимком в бикини

      Fans of Erica did not fail to admire the beauty and slenderness to write flattering comments. “Erica, you’re the best”, “Elegant”, “Bomb”, “Pretty woman, keep it up”, “Amazed by your beauty,” he expressed the emotions of the fans of the singer. However, among those who subscribed to the Dukes, there were also people with the opposite point of view. They do not really like the thinness of the actress, he says, Eric would not hurt to add a few pounds.

      Солистка «ВИА Гры» произвела фурор снимком в бикини

      Recall that Erica Herceg previously was not as thin. Once, the girl admitted in interviews that she was, on the contrary, full and embarrassed himself. The girl’s weight was 80 kg. But Eric decided to take myself in hand and sat on a strict diet with low-calorie fractional power, and start to play sports. In the end, Herceg dropped about 30 pounds and stopped being afraid to show your figure and be photographed as before. To keep myself in good shape, Erica goes to the pool, don’t miss a workout in the gym and choreography lessons, as well as adhere to proper nutrition.

      By the way, one of the team member, Nastya Kozhevnikova, the day of birth coincided with the presentation of “VIA gra” abroad. The girl was 22 years old. Eric and 25-year-old Misha congratulated her on the occasion and performed to Nastya’s song “Happy Birthday To You”, and drank her glass of champagne. By the way, Nastya and Misha, and Eric, also shared with subscribers images of Sunny Dubai. On these shots of the actress having fun, sunbathing on the beach, pose in front of the class “Lux”, swimming in the clear ocean and relaxed lying in a hammock – in a word, combines the pleasant with the useful.

      Солистка «ВИА Гры» произвела фурор снимком в бикини

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