Soloist of “VIA gra” has announced that she is pregnant and getting married

Солистка «ВИА Гры» объявила, что беременна и выходит замуж

In the Russian show business, it seems, formed another pair.

Misha Romanova admitted that is pregnant by a popular singer max Barsky and soon marries him.

That’s the news! We did not know that the soloist of “VIA gra” pregnant, and even from max Barskih. Moreover, young people are going to get married in the near future. And this like a real man said the singer.

“We’ll get married,” Barsky said in an interview on MusicBox. His words confirmed Romanova: “I’m pregnant! Guys, I have for the second month.”

But on the question of how to pregnancy Romanova treated her producer Konstantin Meladze, the girl replied with a joke, saying that a pregnant woman will look great on stage.

In General, the statement that Romanov and Barsky will become the parents and the newlyweds, a little smushaet. As something serious guys talked about it. Although, as they say, every joke has some truth.