Soloist of the group SEREBRO off in Bali

Солистки группы SEREBRO отрываются на Бали Girls choose for themselves unusual entertainment. The actress not only sunbathe and swim in the ocean, but are fond of extreme kinds of rest. Despite the fact that the singer used to spend all the time together on the island went only Olga Seryabkina and Polina favorskaya. Kate Kischuk is in the USA and follows the release of her friends in the distance.

      Солистки группы SEREBRO отрываются на Бали

      Popular girl group SEREBRO decided to take a break and relax from the exhausting touring schedule, performances and in the Studio. Olga Seryabkina, Polina and Katya favorskaya Kischuk for a couple of weeks you can forget about everyday life and unwind during a holiday. Girls get along well outside of work, and therefore often spend their free time together. However, this time it came out differently. Olga and Polina went to Bali and she decided to fly to the United States. Despite the fact that the soloists are in different parts of the world, they remain in constant contact.

      Olga and Polina enjoy their time on the island in the Indian ocean and try to gain as many impressions. Besides the fact that girls swim in the ocean and sunbathing on the beach, they still feel your strength. In the company of a friend of Nikita they took a ride on a dangerous merry-go-round. Olga did not hide that she was scared on the ride.

      “I sat on the carousel by accident anyway. Pauline is the most fearless person I know and, in my opinion, this is her element completely. And Nikita was slightly fearful, though, and decided that our squeals due to poor vestibular apparatus”, – wrote in the microblog singer.

      Also girls are not afraid to climb the volcano, although Olga tried in vain to dissuade a friend from such a venture. However, Seryabkina were able to overcome your fear and go conquer the height.

      “We climbed the highest volcano of Bali – Agung. I’ll be honest, it’s not that hard, it’s an incredible test – pass four-way, uphill. First, just the stairs, then through the woods, then started the stones, then they became sharper, steeper rise… And then it just zastavivshaya lava, similar to the surface of another planet. And then – the highest point”, – said Olga to all my subscribers.

      Despite the fatigue, the girls were pleased with this hike. Fans are glad that Polina and Olga have the strength and patience to reach the highest point of the volcano. They noted that artist are in great physical shape and was able to overcome a difficult way up the mountain and back. The followers wished the girls to relax, to gain energy for further work.