Soloist of the “Bi-2” had trouble with the law

Солист «Би-2» нарвался на проблемы с законом Vocalist of a popular rock group was found guilty of violating the rules of conduct at sporting events. Journalists have reported that Lev was ordered to pay a fine. Day ago musician arrested before the football game. During the inspection of Lev found a prohibited substance.

Yesterday at the Metropolitan stadium “Open arena” on the eve of the match between “Spartak” and “Terek” detained the soloist of group “Bi-2” Yegor Bortnik, better known as Levs. As reported by correspondents, the musician, arrived an hour before the game. Man planned to take place at the VIP podium, but could not pass a mandatory test before mass action. During the inspection, the artist found a bag with a suspicious substance.

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Then it turned out that the rocker tried to carry to a football match marijuana. According to police, the mass of illegal substances amounted to half a gram. The night from Wednesday to Thursday, the musician spent in the police station, located on Petrovka. A celebrity visited the Director of group “Bi-2” Ruslan Volkov.

During the meeting with journalists representatives of the Tushinsky court of Moscow confirmed the information about detention of the actor. Singer of the popular rock band was threatened with a compulsory work, a fine or a ban to visit the stadiums for a period of six months to three years.

Consideration of the administrative case against levy began Thursday in a closed regime. The musician arrived at the courthouse in the cap of the football club “Spartak”. He told reporters that he plans to write a new song dedicated to his detention at the stadium. In addition, Loew expressed his regret that he could not watch the game.

The concerts of “Bi-2”, as we found out the press was in jeopardy. After returning musicians from Spain, where he filmed a new clip of the rockers, they decided to relax in front of a large-scale tour. Press Secretary of the artists told reporters that the recent incident may make adjustments to their plans.

On the second day after the arrest vocalist of the popular group in a press there was an information that in case of recognition of guilt of the artist it can expel outside Russia. The fact that Lev, as a citizen of Israel, was on the territory of Russia thanks to a visa-free regime. But later, according to media reports, the Bortnik changed the article – it was decided to judge for violation of the rules of conduct at sporting events, passed the telegram channel Mash.

According to the results of the hearing Lev from “b-2” was found guilty and fined three thousand rubles, reports REN TV.