Solntsev about the scandal, Volochkova: “Nastya showed his cheap side”

Солнцев о скандале с Волочковой: «Настя показала свою дешевую сторону» The showman stood up to the unworthy behavior of a ballerina. Recently, Rustam Solntsev did Anastasia Volochkova offer of cooperation. After his phone was gone, their conversation became public.
Солнцев о скандале с Волочковой: «Настя показала свою дешевую сторону»

Today it became known that between the showman Rustam Solntsev and a famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova scandal. The fact that the man is cooperating with a renowned plastic surgeon and for the friendship offered 41-year-old star of his services. However, the actress took the initiative in bayonets. She replied that the nature generously awarded it a good appearance. According to Rustam, he did not doubt her charm and charisma, however, noted that many women try to adjust some parts of the body.

Solntsev was hard to hear harsh words from Volochkova. He said that he was surprised with behaviour of celebrities.

“I did not steal the phone. I didn’t want to have this information somewhere came out. But once someone this phone is found, and found in it a correspondence with Volochkova, you will have to explain. Yes, I really wrote to Nastya about the cooperation. Very polite, respectful. She began to plant me mate – it was an hour or two a day. By her voice it was clear that she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. In messages everything is clear – who is worth what, like someone raised, someone’s life,” admitted Rustam “StarHit”.

Solntseva have left an unpleasant experience with Volochkova. He gave some insights on what might occur in the life of the famous ballerina. In his opinion, someone has seriously affected the behavior of Anastasia.

“After talking with her I have the impression that Nastya is rotating in a circle of disgusting people all day who spit on her and humiliated, dragging in shit. She then continues to communicate with them,” says the showman.

Also Rustam was surprised by the fact that Anastasia didn’t recognize him. He said that they were often in the same company. The sun remained puzzled why his number is not saved in the contacts of a ballerina.

“And about the fact that she doesn’t know me, I will tell: we with Nastya familiar, and not just crossed at parties, so it is not necessary here. She’s just vulgar and arrogant, so and get a lead. Nastya showed his cheap side. And another thing: even if you don’t know me, who gave you the right to talk like that?” – outraged by Rustam.