“Sold out” in just 30 p.m.: laugh it up!

«Аншлагу» всего 30: смейтесь на здоровье! “Regina Dubovitskaya not get in touch! The permanent host of the program “Notice” is gone!” Conversations about the disappearance of “godmother” popular Comedy TV show, which this year celebrates 30 years, are long overdue.
«Аншлагу» всего 30: смейтесь на здоровье!

Despite many rumors and speculation – again had an accident, left the country, Regina I. in perfect health: she was locked in the mounting channel “Russia 1”, where preparing a program dedicated to the anniversary of “full House”. When will this issue of the magazine, millions of viewers will have some fun over the festive release, and a special pleasure will receive friends and colleagues of Regina Dubovitskaya because I know she will watch my programme as if for the first time.

“Even though she knows each word, each letter of offer, she slides off the chair, laughing, squealing with delight,” – says the honored artist Svetlana Rozhkova.

«Аншлагу» всего 30: смейтесь на здоровье!

In the Studio “Live”, basking in the applause, Regina I. pulls out notes with questions:

– Your way to the TV was difficult?

– It’s funny, but it was very simple. I worked in “Ostankino” on the radio in front of a large building that housed the COG, before it was radio. And somehow, going through the underpass (he’s now there), I came to the editorial office littany. After reading my application, then the chief editor asked a single question: “Why “a full House? Sold out!”? (If it was a dual spelling.) But before that I asked many authors to name, and probably out of a hundred chose that suggested Lev Novozhenov. I said, “Because of “full House” will be the artists who always draw concerts have always sold out”. Then the editor asked: “why twice?” I said, “Because before the screen is full of spectators”. He says “why are you so sure? But if no one will watch and will not be sold out?” And I am not understanding why I suddenly took such a conviction, he firmly replied, “Sorry will!”

«Аншлагу» всего 30: смейтесь на здоровье!

To the question about Mikhail Zadornov Regina I. says that almost every day with it calls up.

– I think it would be good if all the audience now wants Misha to have it recovered and returned to the stage.

– And for battles such characters as Oxxxymiron Purulent, and follow? You don’t want to attract to your show?

– I know these guys, but I work with great artists. One Klara Novikova is worth something! says Regina Dubovitskaya, and in a few minutes in the Studio itself Clara B. says:

– We with Vladimir Vinokur came in “full House” to Regina first, though they were already accomplished artists. 30 years we are together! Filming Regina is very strict, literally four hours to write, to pee out. But she knows the name of our children and grandchildren. She knows when we change men, and when I go back to the former. And the funny thing was, the audience confusing me with her! Come to some hospital, where they check the blood vessels. I’m all sorts of wires, there is a lovely woman and says, “Hello.” Then looks at the results and says: “I am very glad that you have not changed the tests”. I answer: “I am also pleased”. She told me: “do you remember me? You a few years ago, we were in the hospital passed inspection”. I had to explain that it was Regina Dubovitskaya.