Продан замок, по прототипу которого снимали «Игру престолов»

Palace, the prototype of which was shown in the popular TV series “Game of thrones” was recently sold for only $ 18 million.

A huge building that was built for millionaire Charles Ennis and his entire family, today is the 95th birthday anniversary. His original owner was fond of the Mayan culture, so the architects were challenged to design a castle, reminiscent of an ancient temple, its architecture had to show the atmosphere of the time. And all the furniture and decorations for the building were made by individual order.

The mansion is located outside Los Angeles, and he had always attracted the stares of Directors. Therefore, in the locations it was filmed a lot of movies and TV shows, most popular of which are “rush Hour” and “blade Runner”.

The project of the house was known by that time architect Frank Wright in 1924, the mansion was almost completed. This project became the largest and most costly for Frank, but to put it into operation, the man failed. The reason for this was a big conflict between the architect and the building owner. Men are unable to compromise, and their cooperation was discontinued. By the way, all the furniture was already established by Frank and waited for the end of construction, but also from her Ennis also refused.

This huge house was the prototype of a castle in “Game of thrones”. Artistic Director of the legendary TV series Deborah Riley admitted in his interview that he was inspired to new ideas.

For all time of its existence, the castle has experienced many upheavals, but survived and pleasing to the eye so far. In 1994, he suffered a strong impact during the earthquake, and in 2005, considerable destruction was followed by prolonged heavy rains. For this reason, the mansion was sold for a minimum price of $ 4.5 million to businessman Ron Berkle, and the man spent not a small amount to restore the house. In 2018, Ron put the castle up for auction, with a starting price of $ 23 million, but for this price it so no one bought.

Now castle finally have the owner, whose name was not disclosed, but we know that the house was sold for a ridiculous price of 18 million dollars.

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