Согдиана будет бороться за победу в новом сезоне шоу «Голос» The singer auditioned for a musical competition. Sogdiana already has experience of participation in major television projects. Previously, she was a graduate of “factory of stars”. Now the artist will take my chances on the Voice.

      Согдиана будет бороться за победу в новом сезоне шоу «Голос»

      Autumn is coming, the anniversary, the fifth season of the popular show “the Voice” on channel one. In the midst of auditions for participation in the project. Those performers who manage to pass a competition on a common basis, will fall on the blind auditions.

      Oddly enough, among the hundreds of talented women and men of all ages in the queue for the casting turned out to be a star. Among them is the former husband of Anastasia Makeeva, Gleb Matveichuk, as well as the former”fabrikantki” Julia Mikhalchik and Sogdiana.

      As it became known, the singer with Eastern roots have been admitted to the blind audition. The jury praised the voice data of contestants, and now she will prepare to battle for victory in the show “the Voice.”

      Interestingly, for casting Sogdiana chose long dress with purple and blue splotches on a white background. In this outfit she performed on a music project of Grigory Leps “Highest quality”. The evening toilet of the singer is very refreshed it and got lots of compliments from fans of the stars.

      It is still unknown to whom Sogdiana will have to play in the new season of the show “the Voice.” Official data on the composition of the mentors of the channel is still not provided. However, behind the scenes of the musical competition there are persistent rumors that Polina Gagarina can replace Larisa Dolina – such information appeared in “Express Gazeta”.

      Recall that the temporary disappearance of Sogdiana, out of sight of the fans caused a lot of issues. It turned out that the singer was engaged in the education of their sons. In addition, she went through a divorce with her second husband and saved his strength to return to the stage. Parting with the President of the hockey club “Lynx” Bashir Kustovym was given to the singer hard.

      The singer Sogdiana told about the divorce with her husband

      “Bashir put me two guards who walked behind me. It is no secret that show business artists at the meeting, kiss each other on the cheek. It’s nothing intimate, it’s not flirting. But the guards immediately reported to all Bashir. I couldn’t all my friends to explain: “Guys, don’t kiss me Hello. I then the house will be trouble.” Colleagues just do not understand. Thought, well, I will not anyone to kiss and all. It got to the point that I began to hide from their friends at events. Pretended that I dropped the phone and dived under the table when people walked by. Next, because four eyes and four ears that are watching me. I have anxiety neurosis, – Sogdiana admitted in an interview with reporters. – I understand that. Home talked to my husband and, in the end, we decided to break up.”

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