Sofya Kashtanova revealed the secret of her beauty

Софья Каштанова раскрыла секрет своей красоты
The actress is experimenting with a daily drinking water.

Sofya Kashtanova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Star of TV series “Police with the ruble and Psichologine”
Sofya Kashtanova, which is always very carefully health
and nutrition, decided on a new experiment. Recently, the actress carries everywhere
a special capacity, which alkalizes the water.

“It’s a special bottle of activator, which
it has unique properties — alkalizes water to a pH of 7.5. This is a very
it is important, first, to prevent a variety of diseases, many of
which develop in our body from decay, — said Sophia — I came across these
“magic” bottle on the Internet, tried it and I liked it. I confess,
to the end and not figured out exactly how it works, but happy
use because feel: the result is. Besides, agree,
better to take the road not just the supply of water, and a nice bottle of
a “legend”.

Just the day Sophia drinks two liters of water, and in the summer
about three.

“In the morning be sure to drink a glass of warm water with
lemon: by the way, the body perceives this liquid is already as portion of food, —
Kashtanova said. — In addition, I recently read an interview with the famous
Dr. Neumyvakina, which has more than 80 years, and he advises to drink on an empty stomach
warm water with baking soda (quarter teaspoon in a glass of water), considering it
excellent prevention of many diseases. So here is a couple of weeks
experimenting with baking soda”.

The full interview Sophia Chestnut about the secrets of her beauty here.

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