Sofia Vergara spoke about marriage with Joe Manganiello

София Вергара рассказала о браке с Джо Манганьелло

Now Sofia Vergara seems to be the happiest woman in Hollywood. Actress difficult to meet without a smile on his face and with good reason – Joe Manganiello.

The wedding of actors took place in November 2015. This celebration, the couple decided not to do secret. The event was invited a huge number of people – relatives, friends, colleagues.

As recognized Sophia, for her it was important to find someone who was not so much a good, loving and caring husband, and who could find the language to her son Manolo: “Next to me was not a decent man. In addition, I knew that the man in the house will psychologically affect the son. Not going to give a new person in the house to your child.”

Wedding couples took place after more than a year of their relationship. Joe said that the feeling of being close native person he came almost immediately: “We quickly realized that we wanted to be together and make each other happy. When between people there is such a degree of confidence, they hold hands and go together. In my case this meant to go to the store and buy a ring.”