София Вергара намекнула, что беременна
The actress is gracing the heir to the star of “magic Mike.”

София Вергара намекнула, что беременна

Sofia Vergara

Photo: Instagram.com

says the reporter of the website Showbiz Spy, the 44-year-old Sofia Vergara hinted one of the girls expecting a child with her
husband, actor Joe Manganiello. Indirect confirmation of this was new and
a photo posted by Sofia in her microblog. The picture shows happy
a smiling Vergara and her husband, and the tummy of the actress, which she is trying
to cover the purse looks more convex than usual.

time ago in response to
the question of a journalist whether she will give birth to Joe’s children, the actress replied:
“If me and Joe that happens, we’ll both be very

The fact is,
that 39-year-old husband Vergara have not yet got the
offspring. But Sophia has already grown, 22-year-old son, Manolo, born of her first marriage to Joe Gonzalez. By the way, Manolo Sofia entrusted the honour
“hold” her down the aisle, because the father of the actress has long been dead.

Vergara and
Of manganiello started Dating a couple of years ago, in the summer of 2014. But in December
the same year, announced their engagement. On a luxury wedding held in
November last year, was attended by many celebrities including Channing Tatum and other colleagues Joe
on filming the “magic Mike”. Guests of the ceremony to
still remember the stunning blue bridesmaid dress with layered skirt, perfectly emphasized her magnificent figure.

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

Photo: Instagram.com

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