София Вергара и Джо Манганьелло собираются стать родителями

Actress Sofia Vergara is again to look for a surrogate mother. If you believe the insiders, she and her husband Joe Manganiello dream of a common successor, and since themselves have a baby Sophia for some personal or medical reasons can’t, she decided to enlist the help of a stranger.

“Sofia and Joe are dreaming of a big family, full of happiness they do not have a child. They are determined to become parents next year. Sofia almost picked up a surrogate mother to your child. Even Manny will be involved in the process,” — said the insider, hinting at the fact that the adult son of Sophia will also decide who to trust women to carry and give birth to their new family member..
We will remind that in the beginning of the year, Manganiello had some health problems and even had surgery about now, according to close family sources, he is back in great shape. “They have been together for two years and happy as ever. Sofia is waiting for the completion of the family look forward to it” — said the insider.
We will remind also that earlier Vergari had problems with surrogacy. Sofia was in a relationship with Nick Loeb and also dreamed of a common child, but frozen embryos do not survive when planting, and each time the surrogate mother endured a miscarriage. When Vergara and Nick broke up, he got the idea to give life to two embryos that remained in the Bank and to educate unborn children on their own. But Sophia protested. She found that children brought up in incomplete family, will be a priori unhappy, and it wasn’t fair somehow in relation to it. In General, the court has placed in this story the “i”, forbidding nick to use the embryos without the consent of Sofia.

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