Sofia Rotaru returned to work after a long lull

София Ротару возвращается к работе после долгого затишья Almost two years the artist did not give solo concerts. With a new program Sofia Rotaru began to speak, first in Germany and now thinks about the big show in one of the halls of Moscow. According to her representative, the singer full of energy and strength in order to make a splash.

      The famous singer Sofia Rotaru is currently on tour in Germany. According to her concert Director, Sergei Lavrov, to hope for substantial benefits from such interventions should not, as the tickets are not fully sold out. Foreign organizers repeatedly failed artist. Fans of the work of rotary in Germany, even did not believe that her performances can be held.

      “Heard there was talk, did not believe that I will come. Have I ever failed anyone? For me the audience is sacred. Promised and came,” said Sofia Mikhailovna.

      About two years Rotaru did not give solo concerts. Lavrov believes that the break has done her good: now Sofia Mikhailovna radiates new energy. The artist performs songs from “forget me Not”.

      “Despite the fact that the actress is in amazing shape, from her son sometimes says, “Mom, you looked into the passport?” She rarely speaks, because she wants to stay home with their children and grandchildren, to pay attention to yourself. After all, she was 45 years of touring. But this does not mean that Sofia Mihajlovna does not act. It has corporate events, and private parties. She just recently flew to Monaco. Sent for her private jet, paid two hundred thousand euros for the concert. While on tour she travels only to meet with fans. Of course, she misses them,” – said the representative of the stars.

      According to representatives Rotaru, very soon she can be seen in Russia. The artist prepares rooms for multiple teams concerts. Singer presents his hits in the “Song of the year”. Besides, 69-year-old actress is thinking about a solo performance.

      “We really are in talks with Sofia Mikhailovna about the possibility of holding a jubilee concert in Crocus city Hall. Until a final agreement is not obtained. But the singer understands that the fans are looking forward to it. So she is preparing for a meeting,” – said Sergey representatives

      Admirers of stars share their videos with the German concerts Rotaru in social networks. According to them, the artist still holds the attention of the audience throughout the performances and the backstage talks cordially with fans.