Sofia Rotaru nationality where born

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

Last year the star of the Soviet and Ukrainian stage crossed the septuagenarian threshold, but still looks great, however, began to lead a more private life, less appear in public, to give more time to his family – son and grandchildren. In recent years, the singer lives in the Crimea, and began the biography of Sophia Mikhailovna in the Ukrainian village Marshyntsi in a simple working family.

The answers to the questions what nationality is Sofia Rotaru, and where she was born, not the same, as the singer was born in the Ukraine, but her family only spoke Moldovan, so we can say that Sofia Mikhailovna Ukrainian Moldavian roots.

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

Photo: the parents of Sofia Rotaru

Her parents worked all his life to feed a large family, and their children were brought up the hard work, but never forgot about the beautiful side of life.

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

The father of the future singer, who worked at the farm the foreman growers, from a young age was a musical man, he loved to sing, and his voice was heard all the villagers.

Sofia Rotaru: latest news

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

Mikhail Fedorovich became the first teacher of their six children, who often sang along with him friendly chorus. In the forty-fourth year he was drafted into the army and reached Berlin. Back in the forty-sixth after being wounded home, the father of Sofia Rotaru joined the party, becoming the first in the village a party man.

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

On the photo: Sofia Rotaru in childhood

Among all of his children Mikhail Fedorovich always allocated Sofia, saying that she will become an actress. Parents of Sofia Rotaru gave her to learn to play the domra and accordion, and at school she was always an active participant in Amateur performances, together with the other guys went to the surrounding villages.

“It’s hard to say when and how did music in my life. It seems that she lived in me always. I grew up around music, it was everywhere at the wedding table, at gatherings, in the evenings, on the dance…,” recalled Sofia Mikhailovna.

Has given many a future pop star her sister Zinaida, blinded after suffering fever and had perfect pitch. She taught the brothers and sisters of many folk songs and Russian language, which she studied for hours sitting at the radio.

		София Ротару: национальность, где родилась

Rotaru in my youth

The nationality of Sofia Rotaru and its flavor has played a positive role in her development as a singer.

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