Sofia Rotaru has made a splash with his transformation

София Ротару произвела фурор своим преображением People’s artist of the USSR changed the way. Sofia Rotaru does not often experimenting with different styles. A new image of celebrity fans took to cheer. Fans admire the skill of the singer look is always perfect.

      София Ротару произвела фурор своим преображением

      People’s artist of USSR Sofia Rotaru pleases fans with new songs and concerts. Fans are delighted with the refined style of the singer – they don’t stop to wonder how celebrities manage to maintain a great figure. Viewers admire the appearance Rotaru. Recently at one of her concerts she again struck his fans. Sofia Mikhailovna decided to upgrade your hairstyle, and therefore cut bangs. Fans appreciated the appearance of the actress and decided that she looked incredibly fresh and young.

      Many also noticed that the famous singer was incredibly similar to her younger sister Aurika. Fans accepted the new image of the actress and she with pleasure was photographed with admirers of her work.

      София Ротару произвела фурор своим преображением

      However, the national love has a downside. Director celebrity Sergei Lavrov told “StarHit” a while ago Sophia Mihailovna was chasing a woman who wanted to be her friend. But then started to threaten and disrupt the performance. Recently there was a rumor that the unidentified man is holding hostage a famous singer. The attacker threatened and even called the subject with which he intended to take the life of the artist. In the end the telephone hooligan could not be found in the apartment, whence the call of the bully was not. Later it turned out that Sofia Mikhailovna at this time was in another country. She was vacationing in Spain, but because the words of the unknown is nothing more than fiction. She said humorously refers to such rumors and gives them value.

      “When I read in the Internet about her own kidnapping, of course, laughed. Made a joke on this subject: “Despite the current relations between Russia and Ukraine, it is nice that so many people, the Russians, worried about me. Started to call, to write, to wonder whether all is well.” Especially funny it seemed to her the detail about the apartment on the Garden, where Sofia Mikhailovna supposedly held. After all, she had to be. He says, well, it turns out, came to the capital and went to the apartment of a stranger stagger in one and captured her,” said “StarHit” the representative of the stars Sergey Lavrov.