Sofa color summer choose bright sofas in the interior

Диван цвета лета — выбираем яркие диваны в интерьер

A bright sofa will enliven the interior and rise your mood after hard working days. The main thing when choosing furniture, consider the color design, so that the sofa fits into the overall style of the room.

Sofas with bright colors can act as part of a monochrome variant that uses one color in different shades or as a spectacular accent in the room soothing neutral tones. Also colored sofa will look great in colored interior.

Диван цвета лета — выбираем яркие диваны в интерьер

Consider examples of several colored sofas

Sofa yellow

Rich yellow tones — will become the main character hero, and other shades will only complement it. Yellow sofa looks great against the white walls, goes well with purple, gray, green, black and blue.

Placing accents in the room do not overdo it. Yellow color is very naughty, if that is too much, you can get the feeling of anxiety. Bright yellow would be appropriate for the living room, but the bedroom is better to choose sand hue that brings the comfort and softness.

Диван цвета лета — выбираем яркие диваны в интерьер

Bright red sofa

It was the red color often choose. Because it is the color of power, authority and luxury, but with this shade you need to be careful. Designers are advised not to overload the room with this color, only one bright accent in the form of a sofa. To dilute the interior figurines red or red embroidery on the curtains.

Red sofa will look great in the interior of the bed and warm tones (beige, champagne, silver).

Диван цвета лета — выбираем яркие диваны в интерьер

Sofa green

Green palette color — rich, so you can pick up the necessary shade of the sofa which will fit harmoniously into the interior. Nature color goes well with natural wood, for this next to the sofa you can put a wicker coffee table.

Bright color sofa the mood of the room, its emotional component. Therefore, it is important not to overload the space with color, lest the opposite effect. So as not to overwork the abundance of brightness, rich color should not occupy more than 20% of the whole area. So before you buy, pay special attention to the color component of your future sofa.

Many styles include bright accents, for example:

  • “expressionism” — will fit a sofa the color of acid,
  • “glamorous” — bright pink sofa
  • “boho” purple, blue, black,
  • “kitsch” — a combination of incongruous colors,
  • “high-tech” — bright blue sofa with chrome detailing.

Don’t be afraid of bright colors, rich and luscious sofas will be a highlight of your interior.

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