Society rebelled against the secular obozrevatelya Bozena Rynska

Общество взбунтовалось против светской обозревательницы Божены Рынски

Last Sunday on the waters of the Black sea there was a terrible accident, which claimed the lives several dozen people, among whom were employees of the TV channel NTV, the musicians of the Alexandrov ensemble, many others.

Ordinary citizens and stars on their social media pages and expressed their condolences to the family and friends of the victims, said, with what grief they had to face and wanted energy to overcome this. But among the crowd of sympathizers was a man who looked at the situation from a different angle.

Journalist and secular browser Bozena of Rynska on his page in Facebook left a message that everything is already considered the height of cynicism and inadequacy.

“Stand up, and here is the beginning of the post Rynska. The whole ensemble of Alexandrov. All! There would be the whole Board NTV…. why are the musicians?! Why a wonderful ensemble? Thank you God for a bonus in the form of the crew of Ntwork, but the rest-why? However, the question “why” is easy. What is there behind the boards of some Miserables, people some to watch. The military, according to the KGB organized crime groups, created in order to die…. there are no words, it hurts,” writes Rynska on his page in the social network.

Barely this post was published, he immediately gathered a lot of angry comments about its author. Especially active users on the Network then went ahead and created a petition to deprive Bozena Russian citizenship.

Did not hide their emotions and starry figures. For example, Maxim Fadeev called her a beast: “I always knew that this man was not quite sane, but that to a degree… and could not imagine. I believe that she, at least, an urgent need to be hospitalized in a mental institution and not let out! You should immediately send to it the nurses, after which the Prosecutor’s office. I absolutely support the initiative to deprive the monster of Russian citizenship . I know that it is in their social networks writes that after this post on her, the bullying started. Friends, don’t touch that animal. Better let’s sign a petition to have her permanently exiled to the island of the monkeys. It belongs there, among the animals. However…even animals do not devour their own kind. And, therefore, she is not even a beast. Found out today that back in March she was asked to fill playgrounds with sarin, that children are not noisy and do not interfere with her rest.!
Where are the authorities : the Prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies have heard similar calls for explicit acts of a terrorist nature? In any country of the world this creature would have long since been institutionalized, and she would sit in prison until the end of his days. I propose to consider the possibility of making the law an article on the “insult/ mockery of the feelings of Russian citizens.” After all, there is an article on “insulting the feelings of believers”. I believe there was a clause in the law — any crazy like that Rylsky immediately will have the opportunity to sit in a cage for such words or actions”.

Note that for your actions Rynska can be punished criminally. Now is the legal validation of her words.