Светская львица Виктория Демидова, потерявшая мужа, столкнулась с критикой A businesswoman tries to cope with tragedy in his personal life. However, not all fans of Victoria Demidova was supported in her difficult period. Some remembered that the blogger stole her future husband from another family.

Victoria Demidova is considered one of the most popular Runet bloggers. On her page in Instagram signed by more than a million people. A young woman actively share details of their workouts and rest. However, on the death of the beloved socialite and prefer not to spread. She reported it only after forty days after the tragedy.

Socialite Victoria Demidov told about the sudden death of her husband

“January 3 was exactly 40 days since the death of my husband. Thromboembolism. Fatal. A blood clot blocked the pulmonary artery, the heart stopped and he couldn’t make. My husband was 48 years,” said the star of social networks.

Many of the subscribers hastened to Express his condolences, but there were those who condemned Victoria – because she stole a man from another family. “Sorry Anton. It’s probably payback for what he left the previous wife. God sees everything”, “You should not lament. Yes, it is hard, but the separation is temporary, because you will definitely meet in heaven”, “Beautiful couple. How can you blame a deceased person for the divorce? It’s not his fault, that he loved another,” he began to write fans Demidova.

Victoria and Anton really met when the man was married. However, this does not become an obstacle for lovers, and after a few months after the beginning of the novel they are married. In November 2006, Demidov gave birth to a darling son, who was named Nikita.

It is fair to say that the posts of a young woman is not the first time criticized. Previously criticized for her excessive thinness and love to outright outfits.

The young woman often post photos with her husband and son, but preferred not to talk about the professional occupation of Anton. Fans of the socialite are sure that the man was engaged in business, and so could provide a great life for the family.

Victoria herself became famous after in March 2014 took part in the program “Let them talk”. Then the young woman told Andrei Malakhov on his unique diet, which has lost 20 kg after giving birth. Tips Demidova about proper nutrition and training system so impressed the audience that the young woman immediately appeared many thousands army of fans. Victoria herself decided to use the success on the full and created several apps for smartphones that help to control your weight.

Recently, fans did and started to discuss the possible pregnancy of a socialite. A few photographs they allegedly noticed rounded tummy of Victoria. Herself the young woman did not comment on these rumors.

Now a businesswoman spends all his free time with family and friends. In his address to the members, she stressed that she could not cope with the death of the husband, because they lived together for 12 years. However, Demidov’s plans in the near future to get back to work to implement all the plans of the beloved.