Socialite Nika Belotserkovskaya broke up with her husband after 17 years of marriage

Светская дама Ника Белоцерковская рассталась с супругом после 17 лет брака In the press appeared information that the blogger and businesswoman divorced. That the family of Veronica and Boris Belotserkovsky, not everything went smoothly, it was rumored for a long time. For several months, the entrepreneur appears on the social events without his wife. The couple raising two children together.

As it became known to journalists, blogger and entrepreneur Veronika Belotserkovskaya separated from her husband, a big businessman Boris Belotserkovsky. According to media reports, the couple finally broke up after seventeen years of marriage.

Veronica has not commented on the data, which received wide publicity in the press. A woman rarely shares details of his personal life, preferring to keep them secret from the public. Ex-husband of the blogger is also characterized by a brevity of words. Now bila Tserkva is located in Austria and shares colorful frames made abroad in social networks.

However, Veronica Belotserkovsky and won’t admit that he had any difficulties in his personal life. In early December, she walked into the party in the company of Matilda Corded, the wife of the leader of group “Leningrad”. Girlfriend were the guests of the party one of the glossy magazines of St. Petersburg. Society ladies presented the award to the art critic and the curator of the Russian Museum, member of Zerocool.

In late November, a new book bila Tserkva “In the mouth year-round.” According to Nicks, the title suggested to her by one of podeschi. The blogger has collected recipes from the chefs of Italy, France, and girlfriends, their mothers and grandmothers. Fans warmly received the work Belotserkovsky and wrote positive reviews in social networks.

“I thought that the recipes in the book should be as bold as the name. And I was not wrong. Did I have a lot of things: something to drink, something pickles, jams and so on. There are some pieces that we already tried and was not disappointed, for example, “Raspberry liqueur from Maddalena Ballo”. All the ingredients are more than affordable,” shared one of the readers on the Internet.

Previously divorced another socialite, a longtime friend Nicky Belotserkovsky Hope Obolentseva. The woman broke up with the oligarch Airat Isakov, top Manager of “Neftegazindustriya”. It was rumored that Hope was fascinated by Roman Abramovich, which left gallery owner Daria Zhukova. However, at the premiere of the ballet “Nureyev”, the businessman was not in the company of Obolentseva, and together with other friends.

It’s possible that now have Hope and Veronica will be more topics for discussion. That family Belotserkovsky, not everything went smoothly, it was rumored for a long time. In the fall the husband of the blogger began to appear on fashion shows in splendid isolation, writes Tatler. Journalists also like to add that the couple has five children, two of which are common.