Светские львицы Голливуда «точат когти» для охоты на Брэда Питта Recently freed from the bonds of marriage, he became the object of attention of many unmarried divas. Star beauties are not shy to admit liking it, and wanting to comfort him during these difficult times.

      Светские львицы Голливуда «точат когти» для охоты на Брэда Питта

      High-profile divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt tells the whole world for three months. Only recently ended a scandalous FBI investigation against the actor, which put into question his reputation. The Agency could not find evidence of misconduct pitt in a private plane, where supposedly there was his fight with his eldest son Maddox, and all charges were dropped. In the eyes of many fans, which is difficult to surprise after the episode with johnny Depp, pitt was acquitted, which immediately affected the mood in the light.

      For anybody not a secret that the actor has always been one of the most admirable beauties in Hollywood. Despite the scandalous divorce, his image was not damaged, and a socialite of Hollywood remembered about his ambitious plans to get the newly made bachelor.

      Currently publicly about his actor said three unmarried women of the world. Among them is Kate Hudson, who in a recent interview with The Sun admitted that pitt is “very very handsome”, and she would have used the opportunity to exchange numbers with the actor. Kate also admitted that brad is her long pretty. Special sympathy to him she came after the film Meet Joe black.”

      “He was very good then and is still very attractive today!” — said Hudson. – Right now I’m looking for a fun, hot guy…”

      Hudson explained that pitt is consistent with its requests. By the way, not so long ago, close friends of the famous blonde was talking about possible secret meetings of actors who allegedly did not want to publicize their relationship. Following his sympathy for the famous actor announced Britney Spears. The flamboyant diva has told how she is “glad that Brangelina is no more, and pitt again on the “market”. Fans of the pop Princess is well known that she was in love with brad, being still quite a young girl.

      The singer called the actor “my first celebrity crush”, which translated to English means teenage Platonic love for the idol. However, Britney shared her concerns that brad doesn’t look. In addition to the above star beauties, their plans for the consolation of pitt after the divorce, said Kourtney Kardashian.