Social media users descended on Ivanka trump

Пользователи социальных сетей обрушились на Иванку Трамп

In 2008 Oprah Winfrey called the Ivanka trump is a role model. Less than ten years, as the daughter of the current U.S. President Donald trump said on Oprah a compliment, praising her emotional speech at the 75th ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe”.

Пользователи социальных сетей обрушились на Иванку Трамп

“Just watched a strong and inspiring speech of Oprah Winfrey with the “Golden globe”. Let us together, women and men, say “Time’s up” he wrote in his Twitter Ivanka, adding the hashtag “United”.

Review daughter of Donald trump to talk about sexual violence and gender inequality angered social media users. Twitter users immediately remembered allegations of sexual abuse by her father, the President of the United States. One of the first with the criticism made Alyssa Milano:

“Great! You can make donations to the Fund Time’s Up to prosecutors to support your father.”

Chrissy Teigen was not in so many words: “Fu, get out!”

Recall that the speech of Oprah Winfrey at the event in honor of the award “Golden globe” touched all of the guests to the core. Oprah did not devote much time to the thanks, and told about a black woman of Resi Taylor, who died 10 days ago. In 1944, she was kidnapped and raped by white men. Criminals threatened with death if she told the police. The woman has conquered fear and told all law enforcement agencies, but such a step did not lead to their detention and the perpetrators have not been brought to justice. According to Oprah, in the age of Jim crow there was no justice.

“She lived in conditions when the world was ruled by mighty men. Very long time women are not believed when they dared to tell the whole truth about men. But that time is over,” joy says Oprah.

“Today I want to Express my gratitude to the women who endured years of abuse and humiliation because they, like my mother had to feed the kids and pay the bills. The names of these women we will never know. This is a simple Housewives, waitresses, engineers, doctors and research workers. They are part of the world of business and politics,” says the actress.

Oprah says in his speech that the problem of sexual violence and gender inequality not only affects the entertainment industry and show business, all spheres, of all professions and social strata. As a leading and personal mentor, she interacted with many women who have experienced violence and sexual harassment, and noted that they all believe in a brighter future.

“I want all the girls knew that on the horizon of a new day. And the dawn will come only thanks to the incredible and strong women who are now in the hall. And to the men fighting for the fact that these women were leaders and did everything that nobody said “I, too, had been sexually assaulted,” says Winfrey.

Recall that the sex scandal that has touched many hearts. To speak out against sexual violence and harassment the star decided fashionable way, dressed at the ceremony “Golden globe” dressed only in black.

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