Сочинский певец о суде с Реввой: «Он считает, что ему все сойдет с рук» Alexander Revva did not appear at the first court session on the case of plagiarism. However, his opponent Ruslan Kagarmanov intends to go to the end, because it believes that the new composition of the singer “chick” is a blatant reworking of his hit.
Сочинский певец о суде с Реввой: «Он считает, что ему все сойдет с рук»

Popular song “Chica” already claims to be the best hit of this summer. Singing a song in cars, restaurants and the subway cars, however, quite unaware that the author Alexander Revva recently was accused of plagiarism. Says 29-year-old Sochi parodist Ruslan Kagarmanov, showman did not hesitate to borrow from him not only the line from the song, but also the manner of performance.

July 16 in Moscow hosted a session on the case of plagiarism, which Revva was not.

“My song “Chica” was quite popular, it rattled in many local establishments, she put the DJs. Apparently, Revue she liked, and to avoid paying royalties, he decided to slightly alter and pass off as your own. But his song and melody, and the text is almost identical. Even the name “Chica” and the repetition of the word four times in the chorus and then the total. You know, famous actors and think they get away with it. Now, many think so, but I like to put up is not intended. Now I have the album, I spent on recording a bunch of money. So a lawsuit against Revva — it is rather a warning to all other artists, not to povadno,” said Ruslan in conversation with “StarHit”.
Сочинский певец о суде с Реввой: «Он считает, что ему все сойдет с рук»

According to the man, he wrote both words and music for the song “Chica”. Moreover, he came up with an interesting arrangement, with the result that the composition has become quite popular.

However, the claims Kagarmanova not yet received any reaction from Alexander Revva. A lawsuit on a popular singer, he filed at the end of may, but still have not heard even an apology.

Despite the neglect of the meetings of the singer, Ruslan is not going to stop and promises to fight with the Revva to the bitter end.

“Of course, I have to his claims regarding moral damages, but the case I’m not in it for the money but for the principle. While Revva did not react to my claim, its representatives in court were not. However, continue to ignore me, he can not, these games with the court threat. So the next meeting will be 30th July, and I am sure that it is the representatives of the Revva. Moreover, it was resonant, his many discuss,” — said Kagarmanov.

The actor is confident that the incidence of plagiarism in modern show business is not uncommon. However, the situation with the Revva was too blatant not to pay attention to her. That’s just Sam Alexander has no answer to the claims of fellow performers.

According to Ruslaka Kagarmanova, it will be delivered soon, and even if a star will appear in court, he will try by all means to evade responsibility.