Sobchak tried on a new outfit from Belonika

Собчак примерила новый наряд от Белоники

The star published in his microblog a picture in which she posed in the outfit of a new brand Nicky Belotserkovsky.

Ksenia Sobchak known for his passion for unusual outfits and trendy accessories. In the wardrobe of the stars you can find hundreds of kits as from designers from around the world and Russian brands. Their collection of dresses Sobchak joined the dark blue dress in a cage from the collection of The brand Shishka, a new fashion brainchild of Nicky Belotserkovsky.

Sobchak has published a photo from another trip. As it turned out, her outfit is perfectly blended into the scenery of the architectural-Park ensemble Alhambra in Granada. Long blue gown she added a beige bag Chanel, sandals thick heel and a thin black belt.

By the way, the outfit has already managed “to walk” and its Creator, Nika Belotserkovskaya. The dress is made from a mixture of flax and wool and is worth about 34 thousand rubles.

Recall, for Belonika this is not the first fashion experience: she already has a line of “Jeanne B.”, which included t-shirts, shirts, pants and holsters for smartphones.

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