Sobchak spoke about the musical abilities Buzova

Собчак высказалась о музыкальных способностях Бузовой The stars will sing on the same stage. Ksenia Sobchak said that incredibly worried, because she rarely shows their vocal abilities. However, the TV presenter is confident that their joint room with Buzova will be sensational.
Собчак высказалась о музыкальных способностях Бузовой

June 8, 2018, will host the annual “MUZ-TV in 2018. The transformation”. At a press conference the organizers and the presenters decided to reveal some secrets of the future ceremony. So, Ksenia Sobchak said that he was going to sing on the stage together with Olga Buzova and Philip Kirkorov. In its opinion, the number will be one of the highlights at the event.

“I gladly accepted the offer. You expect that we Buzova will have a fight, show some mutual jealousy. No, nothing it will. Olga is great, she all life waiting for what is going on with her today. I haven’t followed her work, but now very happy with this success”, – said Sobchak.

Of course, fans immediately began to discuss the impending performance of Olga and Xenia. “Even Sobchak recognized the talent of Buzova, but it’s worth it”, “I Think this show will be the center of attention. Such stars, and even in the same room”, “Now with even more to look forward to the prize” – opinions of fans of the TV presenters.

By the way, Sobchak commented on the talent of Olga Buzova. According to her, the aspiring singer has good vocal abilities.

“Olga definitely sings better than I do – she has an entire army of fans. I publicly sang only to Timothy, but still shy about it,” – said Ksenia.

It should be noted that fans expect more surprises. So, Lera Kudryavtseva, which for many years was considered permanent a leading, not appear at music awards. As explained by the Director General of Muz-TV Arman Davletyarov, the young woman does not overload themselves with work in connection with the interesting position.

Place Kudryavtseva Anastasia is Ivlieva, which became incredibly popular after the show “heads and Tails. Restart”. Now the army of her followers on Instagram more than seven million. The girl incredibly pleased to have the opportunity. She has promised that there will be a lot to joke and have fun.

Not less interesting is the vote for nominees for the upcoming awards. The fight for the coveted gold plates is still going on, and the fans hope that their idol will be able to win.