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Собчак поставила на место Хилькевич

The presenter explained why the same collection of the brand can not be sold in all the boutiques of the world.

Ksenia Sobchak has decided to intervene in the recent scandal surrounding fake bags Dolce & Gabbana and explained to everyone, including Anna Khilkevich why TsUMe is impossible to buy a fake. Traditionally, the star said about his views on the page in Instagram.

“Cum is the undisputed leader in the segment of luxury sales in Russia, – wrote Ksenia Sobchak. — To suspect that here can sell fakes – it’s just a misunderstanding of how business. Every season buyers making purchases for the season. Commercial models of certain things might be very different from that presented in the collection. Regional differences also exist. In Asia, for example, all the leading luxury brands present models which you will hardly find anywhere else. This applies not only to clothing, but even makeup. Collection from boutique to boutique depending on the policies of the fashion house can be very different. So before you publicly Express your fantasies, I advise you to understand the subject of conversation,” – said Ksenia.

Recall the scandal that erupted in early October of 2016, became the post Anna Khilkevich on the page in Instagram. The actress said that bought a fake in one of the capital’s leading Department stores. After the resounding approval of the network real scandal, which ended with an implicit apology, according to.