Sobchak is suffering from criticism of his mother

Собчак страдает от критики собственной матери Ksenia spoke about a difficult relationship with my mother. Sobchak admitted that her childhood was devoted to the struggle with strict cousin and she never heard from his mother the words of praise. Now Lyudmila Narusova criticizes daughter with her husband.
Собчак страдает от критики собственной матери

A candidate for the presidency, a well-known journalist, social activist, wife of actor Maxim Vitorgan and mother polutorogodovalogo son of Plato admitted that he still suffers from the authoritarian character of the mother Lyudmila Narusova.

Xenia was born in a family of teachers – Anatoly taught University students of law, and Lyudmila Borisovna – history in the Institute of culture. Xenia was 11 when her father was appointed mayor of Leningrad. In 1995, Lyudmila Narusova became a Deputy of the state Duma. Political career of parents strongly influenced the life of a teenager. The first publication in the media about the mayor ‘ s daughter 12-year-old Ksenia Sobchak was a real blow to the girls. About this unpleasant moment she thought the program “One day…” on NTV.

Собчак страдает от критики собственной матери“It was a big article with me on the cover and the headline: “Ksenia Sobchak: “I have a dream to become a prostitute”. I was 12 years old. I tried to run away from home. About a week spent in hysterics, didn’t want to go to school. Locked in the room, I was very ashamed and felt like I was guilty of something,” – said Ksenia.
Собчак страдает от критики собственной матери

Sobchak was very upset by the death of his father – he died when she was 18. It is always with warmth and trembling says about the Pope. Recalls how he spent with his father the last of his New year in Paris. But the relationship with the mother, in recognition of Xenia, was never simple.

Собчак страдает от критики собственной матери“I had a very strict mother. My childhood was dedicated to fighting with mom. Papa called me “My Chechnya”. I defended their right to personal space, that nobody read my journals,” says Sobchak.

However, after his father’s death, relationship with my mother didn’t get better. “I’ll never forgive his mother for the authoritarian parenting style,” – said Ksenia Sobchak many years ago and now, apparently, refuses to previous statements.

Xenia admits that even now, when she is already married and is a mother, her mother Lyudmila Narusova continues to criticize the daughter.

“Mom likes to criticize me when my husband loves something to comment on… I know she always wanted me to be the best. But it has another side. I’ve never heard words of praise that I would like to hear. I don’t want my son was the same way. I would like to learn to let go is not to criticize, take it for what it is, regardless of whether I like it or not,” – said Ksenia Sobchak.

However, Ksenia is not trying to distance itself from its controversial past, said that it was a period of growing up, the experience from which she will not refuse. And Sobchak is ready to uncomfortable questions that might ask her one day grown-up son, Plato. Kseniya hopes that by that time will have time to do much good.

“I’ll talk to him and tell him about yourself honestly. Today I like myself more than ten years ago. But that doesn’t mean socialite 15-year-old was not to be. It was a period of maturation, experience, that was me too. And, it seems to me wrong to refuse it. Because I have lived those years and have fun the same as now get pleasure from the fact that I wipe my ass to Plato” – said Sobchak.