Собчак носит «беременные» платья от российского бренда

The pregnant star can not hide its interesting position, and therefore increasingly began to appear in public in clothes for expectant mothers.

Even during pregnancy, Ksenia Sobchak continues to wear the toilets from leading fashion houses. One of the most popular brands TV presenter was the brainchild of Russian designer Alexander Terekhov.

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In the microblog Xenia there are several shots where she appeared in dresses for pregnant women. Both of these dresses made according to all canons of the “pregnant” fashion, has been very to face the expectant mother. Choice Sobchak fell on two nearly identical outfit of a boxy, floral print, in the form of a stud. The first outfit was a voluminous dress of voluminous off-shoulder silhouette looked simple and romantic. While the second toilet is decorated with a red pattern, was much more solemn and pretentious.

And which of the two “pregnant” dresses Xenia do you like more?

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