Sobchak in swimsuit: Hot or Not

Собчак в купальнике: Hot or Not

Fans criticized the size of the buttocks of the presenter.

Ksenia Sobchak continues to travel Sportura. In late April, Ksenia, together with her friends Polina Kitsenko, Oksana Lavrentieva and Nika Belotserkovskaya went into the English wilderness to bring the body in shape for the summer season.

At this time, Sobchak was the most heavenly Islands in the world – the Maldives. There she goes the new program – yogaslimteam.

“Well, our #yogaslimteam begins its work! Girls in the collection, the coach came especially for us from Rishikesh. We begin our acojonante beautiful”, – shared his emotions the star.

Of course, not without beach shots. Ksenia posted a photo in a beautiful red swimsuit that exposes his back.

However, there were those who criticized the figure of the presenter. “Just like I have in finding priests”, “Xenia, bad photo, to put it mildly,” “Not your model. Legs and back are super, briefs and bikini would be,” commented followers.

But we know that Sobchak does not respond to such accusations, and 25 thousand likes talking about the perfection of her body.

By the way, except for the sports part, the program participants observe their diet.

“In addition to daily practice is very important to eat right. The concept of eco hotel sonevafushi that here only organic products, carefully selected and are mainly grown here. The food here is really amazing. If not treacherously winking us the “ice cream room” where at any time of the day or night you can come for free objectsa delicious homemade ice cream in 29 varieties, it would be quite good! yogaslimteam under threat,” he told Sobchak about nutrition.

By the way, in addition to Susie in yoga-tour takes the singer Glyuk’oza.

“Thank You, Ksenia Sobchak! You’re always in my life bring the feast! 10 years ago, introduction to Alexander Chistyakov… And today is a gift – stay all together and in place, which can safely be called a Paradise!” – the singer thanked his girlfriend for a long-awaited vacation.

And how do you like Xenia in a swimsuit?

  • Super! It’s definitely HOT!
  • She has a great figure, but a swimsuit bad
  • NOT! Xenia needs to continue to play sports. Too early to post pictures in a swimsuit

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