Собчак сравнила себя с Кэрри Брэдшоу, а Апина – с Милен Фармер

One blonde boasted “man”, the other starred in underwear.

Xenia a month ago for the first time became a mother and vengeance is trying to return to normal life: goes to social events, talks to fans on the social network about their everyday lives, shared with subscribers in Instagram sayings great fun and amusing comparisons. So, one joint photo with the 44-year-old husband and father of her son inspired a friend of Sobchak, in Association with the cult series “Sex and the city”.

Black-and-white the 35-year-old journalist Maxim combined with the scenes from the movie, which depicted the heroine of “Sex” Carrie Bradshaw (performed by Sarah Jessica Parker) and her unforgettable Mr. big (Chris noth). The famous blonde has decided to place the collage and in his page in the microblog.

“Favorite heroine after all. And my man is not worse than “theirs”, overseas:)))” – said Ksenia.

Fans Sobchak its impulse was supported by: “really like!”, “She is much prettier”, Super! “It’s the same, only our”, “Yeah you both better!”

In the meantime, another blonde Russian show business indulges in comparisons with a colleague of world-wide fame.

52-year-old Alena Apina did not have time to get a divorce from her husband-producer Alexander Iratov, and has already started a new life. Start with creativity. The singer in the same Instagram has announced the premiere of the clip. Fans of the actress intrigued, because Apina starred in the video in sexy underwear.

A video posted by Alna Apina (@neapina) on Dec 19, 2016 at 4:08am PST

People are pleasantly shocked: “that’s the bomb! Alain Bravo, super! Slim, fresh, good”, “Hey! Yes, all channels will clip twist!”, “Why not undress with such a stunning figure?”

Meanwhile, the first thing that came to mind after the new video of Alena, because it’s a phenomenal resemblance to good old famous clip Mylene Farmer “L’amour N’est Rien” 10 years ago…