Sobchak experiences that bear directly on the stage

Собчак переживает, что родит прямо на сцене

And the last time the TV continues to work hard.

Ksenia Sobchak has already broke all the stereotypes about future moms. Being pregnant, she continues to work, travel, appears on secular parties and it looks great! But I think the right was the Xenia, when she said that she’s a maximalist in everything. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Muz TV. Star presenter shared her fears that bear in front of the audience…

The organizers invite Xenia to night, worried about her well-being. And indeed the media personality joked about his soveduschey Nikolai Baskov: “We should go to sleep. Otherwise, I’m afraid, could give birth right on stage. Next time but we’ll see when I’m lean and beautiful.”

It should be noted that a sense of humor Xenia with an interesting provision is not lost. Appearing on the evening loose dress from Alena Akhmadullina, the star joked that he borrowed the shirt from Philip Kirkorov, well, altered a bit!

The singer, by the way, and to argue Xenia couldn’t… Although the party channel he is a frequent guest, this time the event coincided with a concert tour of the artist.

We will remind, the firstborn from Sobchak will appear in the Nov. Relatives believe that the baby will be a gift for teledive her birthday is November 5!