Собчак призвала элиту не жить с колхозниками на Патриарших

According to socialites, those who want to live in Bulgakov’s places, did not feel the real taste of life.

It seems that the number of “population” Patriarch’s ponds is growing every open there coffee shop! From 9 am on the summer terrace of the house. A number of trendy coffee shops every summer in this tiny patch in the center increases, density increases hanging out. This summer, even on weekdays not to find empty seats on the benches, a pond covered with sunbathers next to the stroller moms. If you took a walk here in the evening, will tack in the stream of well-dressed girls, hipsters, runners who stubbornly refuse the idea to put the geolocation “Patriarchal” in social networks next to the report about overcome kilometers.

In General, you understand, Yes, significant. But could not stand the local pond tightly clustered around the home of old housing stock. And all places of entertainment occupied the first floor. Now, no day peaceful inhabitants of the area, a lot of fun.

And when Ksenia Sobchak, searching a new home, realtors are suggested to look for a property in the area, she was indignant. So there was a good column in “Snob”.

“The whole “Facebook” outraged by the blatant social injustice: the VIP district, a ghetto of the rich, the parasites, bargains for themselves special rules. I want to ask one question: what makes you think that Patriarchal – this is for VIP? — Ksenia writes in his column for “Snob”. For family reasons I was looking for a bigger apartment and looked proposal in different areas. And that’s what I’ll say, Patriarchal – super elite and super expensive area only in the view of people who live in the settlements of Moscow. This is not so. At the Patriarch found the cheapest options for large apartments. Patriarch’s ponds – the area of the middle class, which lives in old houses and enjoys the fact that lives downtown. Option for budget, but not ashamed: for sale apartment in Patrika in an old house. The Concierge will not be Parking too, at the entrance sometimes will go pee, but I’m fashionable!”

In General, housing is not worthy of kings! More terrible can be except that Marino Yes Zhulebino.

“Looking at apartments at the ponds, I fled in terror – says Sobchak. What fun to live near poor filthy pond, among the countless baby strollers and running people? Sitting on a perch in Williamsе, drinking beer in stagnant’ll – Oh, how I loved all of it, whether I feel 16 again! But that’s exactly what the Russians imagine the Bohemian life of…”

“As soon as a person has a million dollars, he runs and tries to buy something for Patrick and make the most of this million high. If he has a flat $ 4 million, he Patrick, according to statistics, even watching will not. There is a gorgeous granite with prices 30-40 thousand dollars per square meter in a new cool homes… Ask any realtor and he will tell you that the 10,000-meter at the ponds – luxury properties only in comparison with Sochi. The former communal renovated over the pizzeria. If you live there, don’t be afraid to offend the poor arrogant remark in your Facebook: you’re poor. For people with money, these discussions look like the conversation of the farmers about who has the trousers cooler”.

However, Sobchak would argue even her friend. Patriarchal, for example, recently settled Svetlana Bondarchuk, the former wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk. The spacious apartment of 300 sqm Svetlana moved out of the mansion on the ruble. And then Kseniya came to Bondarchuk for a housewarming party, undaunted by the flood (we will remind, after a strong downpour in Moscow, the pond overflowed and flooded everything around). I wonder, did then Ksenia, Svetlana, that the sale of Patrika strongly pulls from the category of the elite?

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