Sobchak attended the presentation of koodide

Собчак побывала на презентации экоодежды

TV presenter and also the chief editor of a glossy magazine was the guest of a private dinner in honor of the launch of eco-friendly clothing collections H&M Conscious Exclusive spring / summer 2016.

Ksenia Sobchak appeared on the fashionable party in honor of the start of sales of clothing collections from recycled and organic materials. The star not only appreciated the latest collection, but also participated in the discussion of environmental issues in the fashion industry and create a closed cycle of production of clothing.

For the event, Sobchak chose trendy bright pink suit, decorated with large floral pattern. Unusual bar set has become a scarlet blouse with a bow, perfectly in harmony with the color of the lips of the stars. The TV presenter added a clutch-purse in retro style.

Ksenia was one of the first assessed cocoletzi H&M, inspired by the archives of the Paris Museum of decorative arts. “Working with sustainable materials and rich decor filled this collection with many associations with historical sources, with a variety of shapes and textures, and very impressive accessories and jewelry in the art Deco style,” said the representative collection of the brand. When you create the collection used materials such as organic silk, hemp, recycled flax and various kinds of blended fabric Tencel, as well as new innovative materials, for example, beads made of recycled glass and delimit – material made from recycled old denim. The collection will go on sale April 7.

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