Собчак и Виторган сбежали в Азию The TV presenter and her husband pleasantly surprised by the features of another country. The star family is actively shares with the subscribers the details of travel in China and contemplating new routes.

Ksenia Sobchak and her husband Maxim Vitorgan decided not to sit for the may holidays in a stuffy Moscow, and went to conquer one of the most populous and exotic countries in the world – China. Celebrity couple actively shares his impressions of the journey, telling his followers about life, nature and other interesting details of this state.

In his microblog TV presenter said that he expected China to a completely different and were prepared for the worst, however, was a pleasant surprise.

“Beijing does not this turned out the way I pictured it. Thought dirty, noisy city, and this right is not worse than Hong Kong or Singapore, but even with a rich history”, – said Kseniya.

After seeing the sights of the capital, the couple went to one of the main structures of the world – the great wall of China. There, Maxim sang a song, which was quick to tell fans.

Followers leave a lot of comments on the pages of microblogging star pair. “Happy!”, “What are you cool!”, “I love your pair!”, “Have a good trip! Such an interesting and different city!” “What you simple and cool!” – expressed his delight followers of a prominent family. Fans also shared their impressions from a trip to China and recommended a pair a lot of interesting places to visit.

Recently, five months ago, Ksenia Sobchak for the first time became a mother. After the birth of her son, the presenter did not allow myself to go somewhere more than a day or two for fear of leaving the heir. And now the celebrity decided to go on vacation with her husband.

Sobchak and Vitorgan carefully planned active route on the middle Kingdom, so the holiday promises to be interesting and exciting.

Perhaps the trip to China is one way to distract new parents from everyday life and refresh marital relationship. After all, nothing helps to Express emotions, like a romantic trip together and new experiences.