Sobchak and Vitorgan became worried about the safety due to serious threats

Собчак и Виторган озаботились безопасностью из-за серьезных угроз Some time ago, the presenter was worried for his own life. In an interview for the program “New Russian sensations” Ksenia Sobchak told about what went abroad with her husband to wait, when all will calm down.
Собчак и Виторган озаботились безопасностью из-за серьезных угроз

After Ksenia Sobchak made an official statement about his candidacy in the presidential election, to her person the centre of attention. Interviews the presenter for the program “New Russian sensations” were waiting for many fans of the stars, but it turned out that it was recorded over a year ago. It has declared itself the young woman posting a message on social networks.

“No interviews “Russian sensations” I am, of course, is not allowed. Filmed me a year ago and never gave the air. And now I decided to hurry up under the agenda” – wrote Ksenia.

In the broadcast of the TV presenter brought up the topic of patriotism. According to Sobchak, she always loved Russia since I was a kid planning to live and work only at home. However, about a year ago, the stars got a good reason for emigration. She admitted that she constantly received threats, forcing Xenia to worry about personal safety.

“There is a guard that is always with me when I’m in a public space. Specific threats to my address, then I just kind of went with her husband to rest. When I realized that there is a situation, when why not go for two weeks, until things calm down. To find security, to deal with its security. Immediately showered with accusations that I ran away, emigrated. There was nothing strange in the fact that we went on vacation, I often go abroad,” – said TV presenter.
Собчак и Виторган озаботились безопасностью из-за серьезных угроз

According to Ksenia, her family never wanted to move abroad. Star considers himself a patriot and admires Russian culture.

Also Sobchak admitted that she received many negative commentaries in social networks. “Sometimes I write absolutely hellish things. For example, “die, bitch”. Don’t understand where this aggression”, – said Kseniya.

However, the young woman long been accustomed not to respond to such criticism. In all undertakings it is supported by her husband Maxim Vitorgan. Ksenia told about the relationship with her husband, noting that before meeting the chosen one was always afraid of official registration of relations.

“Maxim knew who he married. We miss each other, but career has always occupied an important place in my life. He has a tremendous sense of humor. When you meet your man, you feel some other, cosmic passion. Me difficult, I am a strong man, but Maxim has his tactics of pacification”, – said the presenter.

Ksenia managed to find common language not only with older children of her husband, but with his ex-wife. According to the presenter, ex-wife of Vitorgan is a wonderful woman who raised a smart and sympathetic heirs.