Sobchak and Valery reconciled after four years of fighting

Собчак и Валерия помирились после четырех лет ссоры

Stellar blonde decided to bury the hatchet.

Now about the fight of the singer and TV presenter one on can not remember, but four years ago, the scandal discussed all over the news. The reason is quite unexpected. Glamorous person quarreled on political grounds…!

Собчак и Валерия помирились после четырех лет ссоры

In 2012, Sobchak inadvertently commented on the widely discussed then history with the band Pussy Riot, referring to his comments on Twitter including Valerie. The singer did not remain silent and stood up to the offender.

“I hasten to reassure You, Your anxiety for my moral stability and possible suicidal in vain and are without the slightest Foundation. I held the man, I have a wonderful family, adults, children, favorite job – I have a reason to live happily ever after,” wrote Valeria. Where it all began…

Since then, the relationship between Xenia and Valeria was, to put it mildly, strained. But the world, as always, saved the beauty. The presentation of “Boutique room 7” the ladies have decided that it is time to forget old grievances and bury the hatchet.

A photo posted by Ksenia Sobchak (xenia_sobchak) Oct 13 2016 2:52 PDT

Having met at the event, star lady gently greeted each other and even exchanged friendly kisses. According to those present, it seems that both artist were excited about completing such a long conflict.

Here, for example, the end of enmity between Sobchak and former member of “House-2” Boney has not yet seen. It’s hard to say what actually started the fight, but the reason, apparently, was very serious. Because Ksenia at every opportunity sends the pin to the address of the sworn friend. Ooh, by the way, is also not far behind.

Video published V A L E R I Y A (@valeriya_rus) Oct 12 2016 at 7:55 PDT

In the meantime…

After the recent incident with Cum, it seems, Xenia upset relations with Anna Khilkevich.

The scandal, the recall was sparked when the actress has published in his microblog in Instagram post that she slipped a fake handbags Dolce & Gabbana in one of the capital’s most famous Department stores.

While the star was comforted by fans, the news reached representatives of the Central Department store and brand. Could not resist the comment, and a famous lover of luxury Ksenia Sobchak.

“Cum is the undisputed leader in the segment of luxury sales in Russia, – wrote Ksenia Sobchak. — To suspect that here can sell fakes – it’s just a misunderstanding of how business. Every season buyers making purchases for the season. Commercial models of certain things might be very different from that presented in the collection. Regional differences also exist. In Asia, for example, all the leading luxury brands present models which you will hardly find anywhere else. This applies not only to clothing, but even makeup. Collection from boutique to boutique depending on the policies of the fashion house can be very different. So before you publicly Express your fantasies, I advise you to understand the subject of conversation,” wrote TV presenter is already in her Instagram (read more HERE).

Would you like to be friends with Xenia Sobchak?

  • Very! It is simply amazing!
  • I would, but where am I and where is she…
  • It’s hard to say. To see someone on TV and know him personally – just different things
  • Not sure she is very conflicted
  • Yes, she would help me adapt to the crowd and to become famous