So the divorce: “Tarabusi” will divide in court

Значит, развод: что «Тарабузики» будут делить в суде

The couple is not shy to show their wealth. But as it turned out, Olga left with nothing.

Bags with new clothes from the Department store, expensive jewelry and rental of stadiums and ships on birthdays… Watching the happiness and welfare of this couple, fans could only envy white envy! But as it turned out, not both spouses fabulously rich… And in the case of divorce she will leave with nothing.

One of the most beautiful couples of the show business and already no secret that their relationship is not all smooth. The couple simultaneously took off his wedding ring (read more HERE). And Olga in light of recent events, already hinted that the separation from loved ones is unbearable for her and she wants to “cry”.

The pace “Tarabrikov” at all as a couple will not soon become, and fans will only have to marvel at their touching declarations of love under the hashtag “moymoy”.

But as it turned out, disperse as ships at sea, the pair can’t do this. After all, over the past five years acquired property, Dima and Olya more than 200 million.

Namely, three plots of land with an area of 42 acres in the village of Sosenskiy in New Moscow and great cottage area of 800 square meters, which was built on this site.

In addition, they managed to buy another building in the same village for future buildings.

Country residence were a star “Houses-2” and the player of about 160 million rubles.

In addition, three pairs of class car and an apartment in the East of the capital, which adds, according to experts, another 40 million to the common Fund.

One thing: although on two “Mercedes” travels Olga, and about a country “nest” blonde not once mentioned in an interview, in fact she owns nothing.

The entire family fleet is recorded on Dmitry, but suburban castle and all of the securities owned by the mother of a football player, according to Life. The player has decided to issue a country house they built with Olga for a year, at mom, in the event of divorce not to remain without habitation.

In addition, according to the insiders, this distrust of Dmitri to his wife and became one of the reasons for their disagreements. Olga wanted to live with the beloved all my life and didn’t understand why all these precautions.

Moreover, the words of friends, Dmitri didn’t want soon to have children. We will remind, the football player already has a 7-year-old daughter from his first marriage.