Так поплаваем: 8 трендов пляжной моды, на которые стоит обратить внимание этим летом

Although may and indulge us a long vacation, but think about the vacation hardly anyone stopped. In the summer each of us traditionally grandiose plans, no matter whether they travel by cities, beach holidays or mountain Hiking: swimsuit, as a rule, available in each baggage. SPLETNIK.RU gathered the main trends of beachwear that are worth a try this summer.


Acid tones considerably brightened our dull winter, and to part with them in the summer when everything around is filled with bright colors, it would be a shame. Although experts said that the age of neon trends will be short, for another season he is definitely delayed. Light green and pink appeared in almost every beach collection, so the choice among fashionistas large.


How many abused leopard and tiger prints, but they still come back to the podium in spite of criticism. If the city wardrobe, you still kept the defense and refused to buy pants or coat in the style of the jungle, the beach is the option to still afford this guilty pleasure. For a particularly effective exit, you can combine animal prints with neon.


One piece swimsuits have long been not so coherent: the designers seem to have remembered the children’s class work and cut the snowflakes and began actively “perforate”, and swimwear.

The perfect tan in this, of course, but the spectacular images in Instagram — full. After the photo shoot you can change into the usual bikini.

Bottoms with a high waist

“Granny panties”, which is so shy Bridget Jones, today is not a reason for ridicule — at least if we are talking about a speedo bikini. In addition, this style obviously become a salvation for those who have still not managed to achieve the perfect press.

Metallic luster

The shimmer of lamé and sequins are usually associated with evening dresses for cocktail parties, but we all know that the holiday parties start long before sunset (at least, the party mood is in the morning).

Warming up before dancing, you can arrange directly on the beach, if we choose the appropriate swimsuit. It can also be used in the preparation of evening clothes — a brilliant fusion will replace the body and embroidered the bodice of the bikini can replace the crop top.

Strap on belt

Belt, it seems hardly possible to imagine on the beach — from clothing and extra accessories all, on the contrary, try to get rid of. Still, it fit in swimwear: you can find quite massive buckles, and more flavorful options with a drawstring. Take it if you want to make accent on waist.


Fashion of the past years always inspires designers. If on the catwalk of the main ideas now is the era of the 80s and 90s, then in the case of beach fashion brands traditionally look at the ‘ 50s. the Color in peas and a major two-tone cage — the main signs of time.

Bows and zavyazochki

Add zest to even the most minimalistic swimsuit, you can use the bows. Drawstring in the chest area stylists recommend to choose girls who visually want to increase the bust size: this style fit for owners of type shape triangle.

And you already bought a swimsuit for vacation?

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