Snigir and Roma gave his son on the education of her grandmother

Снигирь и Цыганов отдали сына на воспитание бабушке

The actors are so busy that they have not enough time for an heir.

Live Tsyganov and Snigir under one roof, remains a mystery, but it was possible to find out who takes care of their baby. According to the grandmother of Julia, Ludmila Yakovlevna Siricino, Eugene bought the kid everything you need: a crib, a stroller, toys, exercise equipment, boy doesn’t need anything, except parental attention…

Julia busy working on a series in St. Petersburg, Evgeny also lost on the set and in the theater. To hire a nanny young parents did not want and called to the aid of grandmother – mother Julia. She took care of all the hassle.

The woman moved to Moscow and now the clock is close with his grandson, feeds him, bathes, walks with the baby and takes all parental responsibilities.

Снигирь и Цыганов отдали сына на воспитание бабушке

“Julia the first time fed Fedora Breasts, and then he was transferred to artificial feeding, – said the grandfather of actress Victor Sirikin, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. And Julia is not tied – it is all on the move, on set. He says he can’t quit his job, needs to feed his family. And we support it. Julia is counting on himself. Though Tsyganov and helps, but he has still so many children… of Course, the content of Fyodor more on Julia”.

According to Sirisena, Julia is not very trust the father of your child once sacrificed precious time with the baby to work and feed the family.

But if Snigir and Tsyganov has relatives willing to help, Irina Leonova, the remaining one with seven children can not count on anyone. To earn a living for themselves and their children, ex-wife of actor returned to the stage of the Maly theatre and takes part in poetry readings.

Recall that in March, Yuliya Snigir first became a mother, the actress was born the son of Fedor. Later it turned out that the dad of the baby is Yevgeny Tsyganov, who in 2015, walked away from his wife Irina Leonova, when she was pregnant with her seventh child! From the marriage of Irina and Eugene grow up three daughters and four sons.