“Snatch” guy Ritchie will become a series

«Большой куш» Гая Ричи станет сериалом

Representatives of television networks Crackle, “trust” Sony , said that filming the series, which will be based known crime Comedy, British Director guy Ritchie’s “snatch”< /strong>.

«Большой куш» Гая Ричи станет сериалом
The publication Variety, citing statements by Crackle, reports that the principle shooting will be the same as their recent TV show “Fargo”, based on the eponymous film of brothers Cohen. Obviously, this implies the absence of the characters involved in the band, but retain the spirit of the film and the General tone.
The basis of the show will fall a real event – a robbery that occurred in London in 1983. Made it to a few friends who stumbled upon the truck with gold bars, and unknowingly, got involved in criminal showdowns between the British bosses of the mafia. The premiere date and cast are still unknown.

The original film “snatch” was released in 2000. The cast was truly “Golden” — starring Brad pitt, Jason Statham, Benicio del Toro, Vinnie Jones and Dennis Farina.

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