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Умные весы назвали фитоняшку толстой

The figure lifted Claire Crowther envy thousands of Internet users, and smart electronic scale advised her to lose weight!

A few years ago, the story Claire has thundered for the whole world. The girl who at age 31 I weighed 90 pounds, not just dropped excess weight and has transformed her figure into a work of art and began to compete in bodybuilding! Imagine the surprise of this taut beauty, when she stood on the scales that calculate the perfect ratio of muscle and adipose tissue, and learned that she’s fat!

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Once again, go back to the past. Throughout his life, Claire loved junk food: pizza, burgers and other fast food. And thanks to this menu in 30 years she reached a weight of 90 kg. In one day when the guy Claire Stephen did to her, she realized that in any case does not want to go to the altar with such “baggage”.

To lose weight couple started together, and then, dropping the extra, went to the gym… and Now their six-pack the envy of the world.

Now Claire weight only 50 kg, but as it turned out, it’s too much! At least, so says the technology of the future. For the sake of the experiment, Claire decided to try a smart scale that not just weigh you, and calculate how much muscle and fat mass your body contains.

Imagine her surprise when the miracle machine gave her, a girl with a perfect figure, a printout that said that she is very overweight!

According to the setting of scales for height and weight Claire proportion of fat to 22.2% – perfect 26,8 – good, 30,1 – average and 35.1 – bad. At the sportswoman the result was 33.2 per cent, that is bad.

Perturbed Claire has published test results in their social networks and urged all readers not to trust such “smart” machines and believe only their eyes.

“I participate in fitness competitions and six times a week in the gym, but this machine told me that my fat percentage is above average! I was in shock! Do not use these things to evaluate your results. These machines are terribly inaccurate. Judge the achievements of your personal wellbeing, clothing, photos, reflection in the mirror,” wrote Claire.

Here you have a reason not to believe the figures!

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