Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

Since then, as people first settled in the cave, he is constantly trying to make your home more comfortable and safer. Gradually, this desire is transformed into the eternal slogan “my house — My fortress”.

In the 20th century, technological progress has had a huge impact on the quality of daily life: electricity in each home. Invented refrigerators, air conditioners, television and microwave ovens. Has Autonomous water supply, heating and Sewerage. The concentration of devices around us has become so large that they became difficult to manage. The house became too complicated to be comfortable.

In the 21st century on the forefront of interactivity. The information revolution has affected the traditional living space: developers of engineering systems the task was to simplify the interaction of man and technology, to bring all the abundance into a single complex.

So was born the concept of home automation, later called “smart house”.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

Its mission is to facilitate and to minimize communication of man with the surrounding equipment. You click the “comfortable temperature” and the house itself understands to include conditioners or radiators, you don’t have to think about it.

System “Clever house” unites all of the devices, allows you to manage panels, tablets and smartphones, use different preset modes and scenarios, as well as to configure the automatic program control.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

Engineering subsystem cottage

Consider which subsystems are usually integrated in the overall logic in a country cottage.
The device, which provides housing, comfort and safety, it is convenient to classify according to their functional purpose.

  • Climate control

This subsystem includes air conditioners, air ducts, air cleaners and humidifiers, all heat sources including a Central heating radiator and Underfloor heating. Before the automated system the aim was to provide individual temperature and humidity in each room, centrally managing all elements of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Control of artificial lighting

Smart home provides control of lighting, providing the possibility of flexible adjustment of the luminaires of any type. The lamps can be controlled together or separately, by pressing the keys and the sensors, time of day and scenarios. In particular, this applies to led lamps, which not only smoothly switched on and off, but also change the brightness and color of light in a wide range. Such light — a godsend for implementation of the most revolutionary ideas of interior decoration.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Control natural lighting

Curtains, blinds and shutters restrict the flow of light and heat entering the room from the outside. Enough to mechanize so that they can be open and close automatically without the participation of the tenant. In a Smart home blinds can now be operated simultaneously with the lamps: the room will be dimmed on the same team when watching a movie or just to create a calm environment. An extra bonus is much easier to work the climate control. In the heat of summer do not need to compensate for the extra heat in winter, less energy will go to heating — blinds regulate the flow of light according to temperature and light.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Media complex

Home theater media server with a library of films, satellite dishes, receivers, TVs, audio sources. Multiroom provides their simultaneous use of different inhabitants of the home in different rooms. Works in conjunction with the office of natural and artificial lighting.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Security

Burglar and fire alarm system supplemented by electronic code locks, video surveillance, sensors to open Windows and doors, motion and presence. Household safety is achieved by control system of water leaks, roof de-icing, protection from short circuits and power surges in the mains. All systems are connected to a common interface, and at any time you get information from them.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Visualization management

The introduction of smart home completely eliminates different types of control panels are necessary for most modern devices. Their replacement becomes wall panels selected in line with the design of the room that allow you to monitor and set main parameters of microclimate and lighting, and the touch panel with a screen visualizing all functions of the system. Another control channel tablet or smartphone with the remote interface.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

  • Accounting of resource consumption

Unified building control system constantly monitors the energy consumption and other resources. Based on the obtained statistics, decisions are made about the economy or improving the available technical means. Operating experience in Europe shows that the incurred costs pay for themselves quickly enough.

Умный дом: современный взгляд на организацию инженерных систем

How to install a Smart home system

Home automation — add-on other subsystems. It includes the following several elements:

  • logic controllers and modules that are installed in the electrical panel;
  • control panel and switches — are installed instead of conventional switches;
  • information and power cable, laid in accordance with the specifics of the project.

Automation project you need to create before starting repairs immediately after the approval of the design project, since the wiring in this case will differ from the usual. The implementation of home automation systems perform the companies — integrators “Smart house”, as the project development requires specific knowledge and experience.
Professionally executed, the project will bring residents joy pleasure comfort and safety.

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