Маленькие дети Хворостовского не знают о его болезни The famous Opera singer said, as family and friends help him overcome the illness. Dmitri Hvorostovsky throughout the year, treats a brain tumor. The artist appreciates the support of the family, although not tells the younger to the heirs of the cancer.

      Маленькие дети Хворостовского не знают о его болезни

      Last summer, the news that the famous Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky found a brain tumor, spread around the world. Fans from around the world expressed their sympathy and wished the actor a speedy recovery. Hvorostovsky was treated in one of the best clinics in London. But most of all the singer appreciates the fact that the fight with the terrible disease he is assisted by his family – parents, wife Florence, and children .

      Dmitri Hvorostovsky: “I Will fight to win!”

      “Mentally, I was very supportive father, with whom I every day and still talking. And all of your burdens and fears I shared with Flosey. She behaved heroically. And not giving the slightest kind. And not in Russian: “Oh, you poor, poor thing, Oh, Oh…” Nothing like, everything was just positive, fun. When I feel bad, I was left alone. Me a little better, just organized something that brings joy. The most horrible the first three months of my treatment became almost a time strong unity of our family. And in the worst moments, I looked at the kids, wife, and felt that I just couldn’t resist myself. I have to get out,” said the actor in an interview.

      Hvorostovsky is trying to protect their younger children, nine-year-old Nina and thirteen-year-old Maxim, talking about his illness, although he feels that they all know. And the older, Daniel and Alexander, you know the whole situation. Dmitry’m glad his circle of communication remains the same, that none of his friends did not turn away after he found out about his diagnosis.

      Opera singer now realized that this ordeal gave him the opportunity to understand what’s truly important. “I realized that before the disease virtually never suffered, by and large. I hope this test will make me and my world a better, clearer, clearer; life values kristallizuetsya”, – shared his thoughts singer.

      Dmitri Hvorostovsky is doing everything to recover from a terrible disease. Despite his illness, he continues to tour and delight all Opera lovers. Fans hoping for the speedy recovery of the actor.

      Dmitri Hvorostovsky diminished brain tumor

      “We all know how these things goes on, and end, ending, continuing. Nobody knows anything and does not guarantee. It seems to me that everything is going to improve. But I realise that I need to be content with what we have at the present time as possible enjoying it,” said Hvorostovsky in interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

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