Slimming Polina Gagarina attends social events

Похудевшая Полина Гагарина посещает светские мероприятия
Some time ago a popular singer Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov celebrated the birth of daughter MIA.

Похудевшая Полина Гагарина посещает светские мероприятия

Gagarin was trying not to show her pregnancy, hiding her belly under bulky clothes.

Since the birthday girl was just a few weeks, but Pauline had already returned to secular life.

The actress along with her husband and son attended the premiere of the cartoon “Trio plumes”, where he voiced one of the characters.

“The work was difficult but very interesting! The character of Olga is not a gift, she lady eccentric, unusual, but that she liked me and,” – said Pauline.

Images taken not premiere, you notice that the singer looks just fine.

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