Slim Olga Bartunkova suspected of cheating

Стройную Ольгу Картункову заподозрили в обмане
The actress responded to the criticism of fans.

Olga Bartunkova

Photo: @Instagram kartynkova222 Olga Bartunkova

Star KVN Olga Bartunkova is not new to show business, but still can’t get used to the tactless behavior of some fans. So, the actress admitted that just tired to read nasty things to his address and decided once and for all define the boundaries of “reasonable”.

“A lot of questions for me … but one question I have … if I want to answer all these questions?! Olya, why are you so fat, You wouldn’t mind with such weight?! Olga, why, Oh, why are you losing weight ? And As you lost weight? This is a photoshop or you really lost weight? Why are your eyes sad? As you are all in the TV hit, there are already taking the market? Why not pay off the son from the army? Why my daughter goes to Krasnodar, Moscow money? Olga, you do not suffer from anorexia? How much you earn? How many-how old are you, and live so much? Do not you think that you are starring in a show where unfunny? And you were drinking these cocktails? Well, honestly tell me: is with you — is that true? Are you married? What is that bracelet on your arm, do you shoot? And who is you on the avatar? Why are you so tired, maybe it’s time to take a break? Sinister! — said Olga. But… all this cover Your kind warm wishes, not poking around in my underwear, and just words, not angry, dobrodeljane, stimulating, nenavidela, very eager, cozy, tasty, honest!

Thank you very much for this! And all the curious questions I will answer. I am happy and feel happy! And it’s important. And all I wish to experience everything and understand what you need to cherish every minute of each other … each, and not to be missed, and don’t waste your time on me, turn around to close, because to feel happiness today and tomorrow is not too late, and return the last impossible…. Therefore, all today, with a smile and with a confident stride, hands tightly holding!”

We will remind that Olga succeeded phenomenally to lose weight some time ago. As a result of diet and sports, she said goodbye to 54 overweight.