Стройные ноги Ларисы Вербицкой стали предметом обсуждения в Сети Fans of the 56-year-old presenter surprised her with the rest. The star stripped on the coast of Spain. Larisa Verbitskaya was photographed on the beach in mini-shorts that emphasized the beautiful feet star.

      Well-known TV presenter Larisa Verbitskaya spends holiday together with her husband in Sunny Spain. 56-year-old star has pleased followers of his microblog frame in short shorts, which emphasized her slim legs. The woman has signed a frame line from a song by singer Natalie “the Wind was blowing from the sea”. Larissa cheerful smiles at the camera and hands holding his clothes, which inflates the strong coastal wind.

      Subscribers of Instagram leading the First channel was surprised how the woman manage to look so good. “Larissa, adorable!”, “Does anyone believe that she is 56 years old? What legs! Great athletic and toned body! Larissa, you managed to stop time! Keep it up!”, “Romantic! Raisins-raisins!”, “Lara, you are wonderful!”, – admired by the users of social network appearance star.

      Larisa Verbitskaya and her husband Alexander Dudov, the operator VGTRK, happily married for 15 years. During the trip the husband and the wife visiting local sights, swimming in the warm sea and ride bikes. “I love when we are together”, – has signed one of the frames with holiday TV presenter. Alexander is not far behind his wife and shares with subscribers his microblog luxury photos seascapes. Any pictures of slender Larissa is on the Mediterranean coast. “Favorite summer, favorite the sea and my favorite,” signed portrait of the wife Dudov.

      By the way, Larisa Verbitskaya carefully monitors his diet and health. Star opened a special clinic in Moscow where all those interested can visit the experts and test your body. “It was important for me to open a place where people can trust the most valuable – your health – real professionals, not those who consider themselves a doctor, even without receiving higher education, – explained the “StarHit” TV presenter. – Despite the fact that we are in the center of Moscow, prices are absolutely reasonable and not excessive”.

      The idea to open such a centre came to Verbitskaya after she became the victim of a bad “beauty shots”. Trying to get myself right turned to leading real nightmare. Larissa did the injection of hyaluronic acid in the neck, but instead of smoothing, has acquired an ugly form. Now Verbitskaya carefully selects doctors.

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