“Sleep lab”: “Detailed approach — the success of our new store mattresses”

«Лаборатории Сна»: «Детальный подход — залог успеха нашего нового магазина ортопедических матрасов»

In Moscow has opened a new online shop “Laboratory”, which immediately declared itself as a concept trading company, practicing an innovative approach. This is not the only store of mattresses, but maybe first, which used a medical approach to selection models based on multiple filters. The best manufacturers of mattress products (about 25 famous brands) here represent a collection of more than 20 000 models. The store is convenient because it is available in mattresses can not only residents of Moscow and Moscow region, but also the people living in any region of Russia.

The uniqueness of this specialized Internet salon that the choice of an orthopedic mattress in it is so simple and at the same time careful that everyone who wants to buy a good product can do it without the help of consultants.

The reason for this is clear interface and detailed filter, which helps to “choose” from the entire range of exactly what you need. The range is presented as the most popular models, and new — latest generation, which allow to achieve the best orthopedic effect, anatomicheski and comfort. If buyers have any questions about the properties of fillers of mattresses, their impact on sleep quality, the optimal model for a particular age, all information can be found directly on the website in the relevant section.

In “Sleep Lab”, you can choose a mattress:

  • size;
  • in form and type;
  • by the manufacturer;
  • design;
  • according to the materials of the filling;
  • the rigidity of the parties;
  • allowable load on one sleeping berth;
  • price range, etc.

Each model has a detailed description of its characteristics, reviews by real customers, explaining design features, information about the benefits of filling materials.

You can also order custom mattresses for exclusive projects. “The Sleep laboratory” works directly with all manufacturers whose products present in the salon, and has agreements with them on the priority of execution of special orders. So buyers have the opportunity to get your new mattress without delay.

Schedule and booking suitable for any region of the Russian Federation. If necessary, you can contact with experts-consultants in any convenient way — by phone, via Skype, ICQ, email. Delivery in Moscow is possible to the day, conditions of delivery in other regions explained in detail on the website.

Action in honour of opening the Internet-shop “Laboratory of dreams”! Every customer who ordered a mattress for the amount over 30 000 rubles, receives a gift and perfume discount in a specialized Internet-shop of bed linen “Caravan of Dreams”.

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