Исхудавший Юрий Николаев мечтает поправиться The presenter follow a special diet for weight gain. Yuri Nikolaev admitted that he tries to eat high-calorie foods. Every morning, the famous showman starts with a milkshake with a banana, the recipe of which he revealed in the program “Smak” with Ivan Urgant.
Исхудавший Юрий Николаев мечтает поправиться

Famous TV host Yuri Nikolaev this Saturday he has been a guest on the popular program “Relish” with Ivan Urgant. During the broadcast Yuri gave to understand that struggling for several years with cancer, he lost a lot of weight, and is now trying to gain it back. On the question of Ivan Urgant that his guest intends to cook in front of an audience of millions, Yuri Nikolaev, said that the menu will diet, but are high in calories.

“We will do a dietary cocktail,’ said Yuri Nikolaev. But like you, Ivan, you know, the diet is different. Sometimes diet for me, and it happens for you. You need a diet, you know what. I need I a little while”.
Исхудавший Юрий Николаев мечтает поправиться

For half an hour allocated for transmission, Yuri Nikolaev and Ivan Urgant made okroshka on kvass with the addition of thick cream. And then Yuri revealed to fans the secret high-calorie cocktail, which he, by his own admission, drinking every morning. “A pint of warm milk, one banana and one egg whipped in a blender, poured into glasses and drink up your morning coffee,” – said TV presenter.

By the way, despite the struggle with a serious disease, which takes him a lot of effort, Yuri Nikolaev continues to lead an active lifestyle. He leads the program “my word” on channel one, which aired on Sunday mornings. Plus, Yuri throws sports. Many know about his passion for tennis, which he plays since 1982. Rivals TV stars at different times was Boris Yeltsin, Nikita Mikhalkov, Maxim Dunayevsky, Dmitri Kharatyan. “Managed to play with famous tennis players – Evgeny of Kafelnikov, Mikhail Youzhny and even Anastasia Myskina”, – told in “Relish,” Yuri Nikolaev.

Recall openly about their disease 68-year-old Yuri Nikolaev, told a broadcast of the popular TV show last fall. He admitted that over the last twelve years has experienced several recurrences of cancer. To cope with a terrible disease he is supported by the support of friends and an icon brought from the Holy mount Athos. Yuri Nikolaev about his illness: “I’m scared”

“It happened about eleven or twelve ago. Five years later, he relapsed, then another, – said the master. – What is the reason of my disease, I don’t know. My mom died of cancer, maybe it’s a genetic predisposition. I need to be constantly monitored, and upon the slightest suspicion again to start treatment. This is what happens. Yes, I’m afraid, but it is necessary to live. I want to live.”