Skinny Dima Bilan took it out on the fans

Исхудавший Дима Билан сорвался на фанатов
The singer reacted emotionally to the remarks in the Network.

Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial Instagram Dima Bilan

Social networks are blurring the boundaries in communication between artists and their fans. Now absolutely anyone might be willing to admit your idol is in love or, conversely, to pour out on him the accumulated negative. Dima Bilan has recently faced the fact that among its subscribers a large number of haters. Under their harsh criticism hits every step singer: performances, appearance (not a day goes by that someone did not comment on his exhausted appearance), and even reflections of the artist about life.

But, like any man, Dima has his own limit of patience. Bilan could not stand the pressure of the enemies, and, not in forces longer tolerate their attacks on the Network, has published a message for them. “To meet the mirror, subtly, pressing the hidden button personalities, using the Mat and all its derivatives — that would be too easy (for me)! Remember that just to be evil, no internal work is not necessary to make! Spank yourself that will climb up, kill the head of another something brown and maybe sticky it! I consciously don’t want (know how), at least today was. I hope that my rod would not fail me in the future!”— addressed to the haters, the singer.

It should be noted that in comparison with other artists engaged in the struggle with the spiteful critics, Bilan answered them very intelligently. Recently, by the way, haters “got” to the Vera Brezhneva, which is not less emotionally reacted to online criticism.